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Find a Hotel in Paris

Thursday 3 June 2021, by Colling Wood

In order to find the hotel that suits you in Paris, you will first have to ask yourself what you are going to do in the capital, where you are going to do it, but you will also have to know how much time you have in front of you because it would be a pity to choose a cheap hotel in the suburbs for example, and to spend 3 hours a day in public transport. It is therefore fundamental to first try to envisage what you are going to do in order to find a hotel close to or on a direct public transport line

Once you have found a hotel, to book your accommodation in Paris with confidence and at the best price, we strongly advise you to visit the official hotel websites. You can also consult the Paris Tourist Office website! Depending on your budget, note that Paris and its region offer interesting alternatives to traditional hotels

Paris 13th arrondissement

As we have already said many times, Paris is full of hotels and it is frankly difficult to objectively recommend some establishments over others. Nevertheless, we rely on our network of certified partner hotels to highlight some of them for which the quality, price, services ... leave nothing to be desired and are reliable over time.

  • Urban Bivouac *** is definitely one of those Parisian hotels that we love, where it is good to be, where you feel at least as good as at home. A small establishment (32 rooms) but one that will surprise you with the beauty of its layout, the modularity of its furniture, the completeness of its facilities and services, and also with its rates, which are at the lower end of what you can find in Paris as a 3-star hotel.
    Discover the website : Hotel Paris : Urban Bivouac
    Address: 1 rue Sthrau 75013 Paris

Find a hotel that suits you, a hotel in which you feel good, like at home, even better.

But still

If, despite all the information we have provided, you have not been able to find a hotel in Paris, to find the Parisian establishment that would please you, we strongly advise you to discover and visit The reference site for finding a hotel in Paris. This site is a historical reference on the French-speaking web. It offers more than 1800 establishments and you can also book your room directly online, at the best price of the moment. At the helm is a team that knows the capital perfectly and knows how to highlight the best rooms. That’s why we don’t hesitate to share the map ...